Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring: The New Standard of Care

At American Homecare Health Services we care deeply about improving the lives of our patients and their families. We’ve partnered with Health Recovery Solutions, the #1 rated remote patient monitoring company to provide the most comprehensive care available. 

What is telehealth? And why is it more than Facetime virtual visits?

  1. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) – “periodic, asynchronous, or continuous monitoring and transmission of vital signs, including weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, glucose levels, heart rate, or heart rhythm.” HRS patients use remote patient monitoring to record their vitals via bluetooth biometrics. Their provider monitors these vitals in real time on HRS’ clinician dashboard, ClinicianConnect, or in some cases, directly within their EMR.
  2. Interactive Patient Care (ICP) – live and interactive communication between a patient and provider. This includes phone consultations, video examinations, secure consults, etc. HRS clients and patients leverage ICP when they are utilizing the video visit functionality of the HRS platform on either the mobile application, tablet, or for providers, directly from the clinical dashboard.
  3. Store and Forward – asynchronous capture and transmission of images, videos, and sound. Patients on the HRS platform leverage store and forward technology when using the wound imaging capability on the HRS tablet and mobile application. The patient takes a picture of the wound, which is then delivered to ClinicianConnect for the provider to review.

PatientConnect Complete is a tablet and advanced biometric device offering. Respond to alerts when patients are at risk for readmission and communicate with patients in real-time through video, phone, and text chat. Improve patient engagement with condition-specific education, symptom surveys, medication reminders, and more.


  • 90+ customized care plans
  • Virtual visits
  • Bluetooth biometric monitoring
  • Medication reminders
  • Symptoms survey
  • Condition-specific education
  • Teach back quizzes
  • Customized risk alerts
  • Wound imaging
  • Caregiver connection
  • Personal goal setting


  • 89% reduction in hospital readmissions
  • 49% reduction in ED visits
  • Increased patient engagement, empowerment and independence
  • Increased patient education
  • Average patient satisfaction scores over 95% among telehealth patients
  • 52% decrease in average cost of care


When Darlene suffered a transient ischemic attack, a mini stroke, she was scared, and fearful of being alone at home during her recovery and with her new aFib diagnosis. She was equipped with telehealth to stay on top of her care plan. Darlene knows that her nurses are monitoring her daily vitals, and is confident that if a crisis arises, they’ll intervene accordingly. Darlene feels a sense security – she has peace of mind. Hear Darlene’s story.



American Homecare Health Services will utilize telehealth and RPM to quickly identify potential COVID patients through their recorded symptoms and vital signs. Clinicians can then triage potential patients through virtual visits, available via the telehealth platform. Telehealth patients will receive a COVID Care Plan with specific educational videos and symptom assessment surveys, as well as a mental health questionnaire so ensure patients are recovering safely from their homes.




1. Provide demographic, history and physical, current medication list, [email protected] & PCP, in available, and Complete Order

2.Specify on order: Evaluate for telehealth monitoring

3. FAX to 818-566-1930