About Us

American Homecare Health Services was established in 2000 with one goal in mind: to serve the needs of our community by providing quality healthcare for those in need. We are a licensed home-health care agency, accredited by the Joint Commission, Medicare/Medical certified, preferred provider to Blue Cross and Blue Shield, contracted by Kaiser and provider of services for IPA’s such as Lakeside/Regal Medical Group and Facey Medical Group.

We strive to not only meet the current goals of our patients but also to enable them to move to the next level of performance.

Through the right combination of programs, skilled services and innovative solutions under supervision and consultation, we have, in our over decade of business, established ourselves as a reliable leader in the industry. Healthcare professionals and patients alike look to American Homecare Health Services as provider of quality, fast and dependable service.

Following is a sample of the benefits that American Homecare offers:

  • Initiation of home-care services within 24 hours of referral, or sooner
  • Service large geographical area
  • Accept Medicare, HMO and PPO insurances
  • Emphasize rehab services to improve functional independence of our patients

For Further Information, Please Call (818) 566-1020