Our Services

Skilled Nursing Care: to provide thorough and comprehensive assessments for diabetic management, wound care and intravenous therapy, and teaching programs to promote self-care and maximum recovery.

Home Health Aide: to serve and to assist with activities of daily living; personal hygiene, bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, and home exercise program under the direction and supervision of skilled nurses and physical therapists.

Occupational Therapy:  to teach patient and family members the skills needed to perform and restore their abilities for activities of daily living.

Physical Therapy: to treat patients who suffer from pain, weakness, limitation of movement, difficulty in transfers and with gait abnormalities through therapeutic exercises, gait training, prosthetic training, other modalities, procedures and home programs.

Speech Therapy: to evaluate patients with communication disorders, assist and teach therapeutic exercises to improve speech and swallowing functions.

Medical Social Services: for obtaining available community resources to deal with social, emotional and environmental factors affecting the well-being of each patient.

Dieticians: to assess current diet and provide counseling that will promote nutritional guidance for healing and maintenance of maximum degrees of health possible.

Home Intravenous (IV) Services provided by a Registered Nurse for patients requiring IV antibiotics, chemotherapy, nutritional supplementation (total parenteral nutrition), pain management and more.Type your paragraph here.

Hospice Care Services provided by Tranquil Care Hospice. Visit their website here, or call them at (310) 264-8413 or [email protected]